Smile Makeover in East Grand Rapids, MI

Are you in need of a smile makeover? Look only as far as V Dental in East Grand Rapids, MI. Led by Dr. Mitchell S. Vander Baan, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. Our complete approach to dentistry ensures that your particular needs are fulfilled with individualized solutions and treatment plans to restore your oral health and improve your look.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a combination of procedures that can improve the appearance of your teeth and gums. Depending on individual needs, treatments such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, tooth whitening, or bonding may be recommended to enhance the overall aesthetic look of your smile.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures for a Smile Makeover

At V Dental, we provide the following cosmetic dental procedures to help you achieve your desired smile makeover:  

Benefits of a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can help improve the appearance of your teeth and gums, ultimately boosting one’s self-confidence. Some of the benefits of a smile makeover include the following: 

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Look 
  • Improved Oral Health 
  • Boosted Confidence 
  • Increased Self-esteem 

Common Issues Addressed in a Smile Makeover

At V Dental, we understand that everyone’s smile is unique, and their needs differ. That’s why we customize each smile makeover to fit individual needs. Some of the common issues addressed in a smile makeover include: 

  • Discolored and stained teeth 
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth 
  • Misshapen teeth 
  • Gaps between teeth 
  • Broken or chipped teeth 
  • Worn-down teeth

Potential Problems to Look Out for After a Smile Makeover In East Grand Rapids, MI

At V Dental, we strive to provide the best care for our patients. While it is uncommon for any problems to arise after a smile makeover in East Grand Rapids, MI, there are still some potential issues that can occur, such as: 

  • Teeth sensitivity 
  • Jaw and bite misalignment 
  • Excessive gum tissue removal 

If you experience any of these problems after your smile makeover, contact Dr. Mitchell S. Vander Baan immediately at 616-364-6490 for further assistance.

How Much Does a Smile Make Over Cost in East Grand Rapids, MI?

The cost of a smile makeover in East Grand Rapids, MI, will depend on the individual’s needs and the number of procedures performed. We understand that every patient has different goals for their smile makeover, so we strive to provide affordable treatment plans to fit everyone’s budget.

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